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All Day Menu

BREAKFAST   served all day

ECOCULTURE farm eggs your way, rosemary breakfast potatoes, sourdough toast 14.95
Choose one: beelers bacon | turkey sausage patty | sauteed farm veggies & avocado

VEGAN ECOCULTURE just egg, thriller bacon, potatoes, avocado 16.50 veg/gf

ABC fried farm egg, bacon, avocado, fontina cheese harissa mayo, grilled ciabatta 14.95

SO. CAL GIRL fried farm egg, avocado, fontina cheese, basil aioli, grilled ciabatta 14.95

JUST EGG+BAGEL vegan egg, plant-based cheddar cheese, arugula, seasonal tomato, basil aioli 14.95 vegan/gf ADD Vegan Bacon (1) +2.25

TURKEY EGG diestal turkey, fried farm egg, seasonal tomato, scallion cream cheese, ciabatta 14.75

OLD SCHOOL BRK BURRITO scrambled farm eggs, fontina cheese, roasted potatoes, avo, crema, sonora 14.95

EAT PLANTBASED+BURRITO black beans, organic brown rice, seasonal farm veg, plant-cheddar, smashed avo, cashew crema, sonora sauce 15.95 veg/v

HOT MESS BOWL farm egg, turkey chorizo, cuban black beans, BRK potatoes, fontina cheese, smashed avocado, sonora sauce and housemade crema 16.95 gf

STEAK & FARM EGG grass-fed flank steak, fried farm eggs, pesto rosemary potatoes, sourdough toast 22

MEDITERRANEAN MORNING cucumber, red onion, tomato, avocado, fried black quinoa, halloumi, micro sprouts, two soft boiled eggs 16.95 gf

ZA’ATAR EGGS lemon spiked yogurt, harissa oil, herbs, soft boiled eggs, mustard shallot vinaigrette, toast 16.75 *modify /gf

TOAST NYC Bagel/ GF Bagel | Organic Sourdough | Paleo Bread gf/grain-free | GF Free Bread | Multi-Grain w/butter, jam 6.95


AVOCADO cucumber, micro sprouts, radish, dukkha, sourdough 14 veg/v
4.25 / add: chopped bacon | sautéed farm Veg | turkey chorizo

PESTO EGGS Scrambled, micro greens, on toasted organic sourdough 14.95

BERRIES layered over creamy lemon & agave spiked yogurt on crispy sourdough 14.95

SMOKED SALMON Santa Barbara Smoke House, scallion cream cheese, pickled red onion, lemon vin arugula, bagel 16.95


pancakes… three pancakes, almond butter, banana, house granola, seasonal fruit 14.95 gf

pancake stack… two pancakes, maple syrup, powdered sugar, berry garnish 10.95 gf

brioche frenched… brioche french toast, seasonal berries, banana, berry sauce 16 *Modify GF w/paleo bread

granola greek yogurt, berries+fruit+banana, house-made nut granola, agave syrup 14.95 | CUP 9.95


Seasonal Fruit cup 7 | Rosemary BRK Potatoes 6.95 | Organic Egg 2.95 | Egg Whites 5.50 | Roasted Yams 7.25
Smashed Avocado 4.95 | Cuban Beans 5.95 |Organic Brown Rice 5.95 | 3 Bacon or Turkey Sausage 6.95
Turkey Chorizo 7.95 | Grass-fed Steak 9.95 | P.B Chicken sliced 6.95 | P.B. Chicken Breast 9.95 | Wild Salmon MP

We Politely Decline Modifications to ALL dishes with the acceptation of Allergens

SAMMIES   other breads- gluten free +1.95 | paleo/keto +2.25 | lettuce n/upcharge

CAULIFLOWER KO-CHI shredded carrots, cilantro, radish, lemon garlic aioli, grilled 16.75. veg *modify v/gf

FARM VEG cream cheese spread, carrots, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, thick cut wheat bread 15.50 veg *modify v/gf

DIESTAL TURKEY, pesto mayo, fontina cheese, tossed greens, ciabatta 16.25

BLAT customer favorite… bacon, lettuce, smashed avo, turkey w/basil aioli on ciabatta 16.95

PASTURED CHICKEN+PESTO fontina cheese, grilled ciabatta 16.75

CHICKEN SALAD pasture bird roasted chicken, cranberries, celery, onion, dairy free mayo (soy free) open faced on toasted sourdough 15.95

NYC mortadella, salami, turkey, fontina cheese, pickled veggie tapenade, dijonaise on grilled ciabatta 16.95

STEAK OUT grass-fed flank steak, grilled onions, salad greens, dijonaise, grilled ciabatta 17.95

SOUPS + SALADS   LUNCH…served 10am-Close

HOUSEMADE SOUPS+ TOAST cup (8oz) 6.50 | bowl (16z) 12.95

BONE BROTH cup (8oz) 6.50 | bowl 12.50 (16oz) veg/gf/paleo/whole thirty/keto

PETITE SALAD organic lettuce greens, cucumber, mustard+shallot vinaigrette 9.95 veg/v/gf

CHOP organic salad greens, hardboiled egg, beelers bacon, pasture bird roasted chicken, cucumber, seasonal tomato,
green goddess 16.95 veg/gf

MIGHTY GREENS organic kale, greens, organic black quinoa, roasted walnut, beets, cranberry, mandarin oranges, hemp seeds, blood orange vinaigrette 16.95 veg/v/gf/whole thirty

SICILLIAN SALAD cucumber, seasonal tomato, red onion, half avocado, lemon+ginger vinaigrette tossed black quinoa 15.95 veg/v/gf


MUCHAS VEGETARIAN veg/gf/*modify vegan
cuban blk beans, organic brown scallion rice, crispy yams, cucumber, seasonal tomato, fontina cheese, salad mix up, smashed avocado green goddess (make it vegan) 16.95

YAM+TAHINI veg/v/gf
tahini-yam burger, hummus & green goddess, cucumber & seasonal tomato tossed organic salad greens, dukkha 16.95

local ‘pastured bird’ roasted chicken, organic brown rice, cuban blk beans, crispy yams, cucumber, seasonal tomato,
fontina cheese, salad mix up, cilantro lime sauce 18.95

crispy yams tossed with black quinoa, lemon arugula salad, cilantro lime sauce 22

LOCAL PASTURE RAISED gf/paleo+keto friendly
Local ‘pastured bird’ roasted chicken crispy yams, sauteed farm greens, cilantro lime sauce 17.95

THE NEW OG BOWL gf/paleo+keto friendly
braised grass-fed short rib, roasted yams, sauteed farm greens, fried farm egg, smashed avocado 22


BREAKIE 9.95 served all day

  • Pancakes with fruit
  • Brioche french toast with fruit
    Modify gluten/grain free +1.95 | Modify Vegan +2.25
  • One local farm egg, bacon, toast add fruit: +1.50

SAMMIES 9.95 served 10am-closing

  • Grilled cheese & fruit
  • Turkey + Cheese & fruit

BOWLS served 10am-closing

  • Rice, beans, veggies 9.95
  • Chicken, rice & fruit 10.95
  • Salmon, rice & fruit 12.95
We Politely Decline Modifications to ALL dishes with the acceptation of Allergens

Proud to support local farms- Ecoculture * Sage Mtn * Edge of Urban * Pasture Raised since 2002
We proudly feature organic, local, small batch proteins, produce, dairy, tea’s, coffee’s and more. The cost is a bit more, but YOUR WORTH IT, and we dig knowing that together, we are supporting regenerative farming and GOOD HUMANS doing mindful important work