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French press done right


Before you start…

This is a quick and simple guide to making delicious french press coffee from home. The steps below will show you the process, however it is extremely important to use QUALITY COFFEE BEANS. Please know where you are getting your coffee beans. While there are inexpensive bags of pre-ground beans available everywhere, you are really missing out on so many deep flavors and many of the health benefits of good quality coffee. Roast House Coffee Roasters source their coffee from some of the best farms in the world and we highly recommend you check them out at www.roasthousecoffee.com. E.A.T Marketplace in Old Town Temecula serves their own house blend from Roast House Coffee and it is exceptional. The video below was shot with Raechel Mora, PA-C with rancho Family Medical Group, Chef Leah of E.A.T Marketplace, and the founder of Roast House Coffee, Deborah.

  1. Boil Water
    • Pour 1-2 cups boiling water in the French press and let it sit for a few minutes while you grind your coffee. This heats the press so you wont lose any temperature later.
  2. Grind your beans
    • COURSE GRIND ONLY! Avoid pre-ground beans for this. The pre-ground bags are for your machines and a French press needs a larger, more course grind. A hand grinder or electric grinder are your best friends here and it makes all the difference in the world.
  3. Steep the coffee
    • Dump the hot water from the French press into your coffee mug to allow your mug to heat up while your coffee is prepared. Add your coffee grounds to the French press. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the grounds to dampen. Pause a moment and allow the grounds to soak up the water (skip to the 4:00 minute mark on the video for the demonstration) and then add the rest of the boiling water over the grounds (15:1 Ratio of water to coffee grounds, or roughly 3 tablespoons of grounds per cup of water). Let this sit for 4 minutes without touching.
  4. Press coffee and enjoy
    • After Steeping for 4 minutes, press down on the plunger. Pour immediately into your cup and enjoy.

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