Served Saturday - Sunday 7am - 3pm

Simple Start…….. with your choice of three toppings

Acai/Pitaya Bowl Organic Fruit 9 | Chia Pudding Maple Syrup, Almond Milk 8

Brunch Plates & Sammies

So. Italian Polenta Grits Crispy bacon, shaved pecorino, herbs & crème fraiche 12 add egg 2.25
Roberto’s Vegan Scramble Organic tofu, veg, cherry tomato, kale, vegan pesto 12.95 add vegan chorizo $4
Vegan Huevos Plant-based chorizo over, black bean puree, breakfast potatoes, tomato & nopales, cashew crema 16
Roasted Farm Veggies in Chermoula Sauce Cauliflower Puree, Sautéed Greens, Crispy Quinoa 18

Country Scramble Organic farm eggs, local organic veggies farm greens, fontina cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, yams topped with cherry tomatoes & herbs 14

Scotties Brooklyn Girl Organic farm egg, over medium, aged ham-mortadella, fontina cheese w/pesto mayo on grilled ciabatta. Served w/house salad 10.50
Mario Pizza Mortadella, bacon, fontina cheese, pesto, tomato & basil pesto, organic farm egg 14.95 served w/ house salad
Huevos Rancheros Breakfast potatoes, Diestal-turkey chorizo, over easy organic farm egg, queso, black bean puree, crema & salsa 16 add braised pork 3
Rib Eye Steak & Eggs Breakfast potatoes, Hollandaise sauce 22
EAT Brunch Burrito Scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, crema & Sonora 8.95 Add chorizo 3 Add Pork 3


Chermoula: mixture of herbs, oil, lemon, garlic, cumin, & tomatoes
Crème Fraiche: house made sour cream * V: Vegan, contains no animal products
Paleo: No grains, dairy, refined sugar


The Great Waffle apple & pear compote, caramel drizzle & spiced walnut 14
Paleo Pancakes (4) Almond, coconut flour based hot cakes, almond butter drizzle & banana 14 | 7.95 half add bacon, eggs your way 18
Frenchie (may contain nuts) Baked French Toast, caramel drizzle, whip cream 12.95| 7.95 half

Wee Sprouts Served with organic fruit 8.95

1.) Sam-ich Grilled cheese OR Turkey, cheese & mayo
2.) Cheesie Flat Bread
3.) Frenchie w/fruit & maple syrup
4.) Waffle with fruit cup & maple syrup



Market Salad Organic farm greens, Drake goat cheese, and cranberry & spiced walnut 8 half | 12 full
Farmhouse Chop Organic greens, confit tomato, egg, bacon & organic chicken w/ranch dressing 12
Roasted Butternut Squash Chicken, Red Quinoa, Golden Raisins, Champagne Viniagrette 12

Sandwich Dept.

Mighty Wrap Portobello, cherry tomato, artichoke, farm organic greens & drake goat cheese wrapped in lavash w/raw hummus 12    VEGAN with organic tofu 13.95 
Diestal Farms Roasted Turkey Fontina cheese, organic farm greens & basil aioli on grilled ciabatta OR wrapped in lavash bread 10.95  add Bacon 3
Grilled Chicken Pesto Fontina cheese, farm organic greens, basil aioli, grilled pretzel baguette 11.50   add bacon 3


Seasonal Pear, Kite almond ricotta, walnut, maple drizzle on multi grain toast 5.95

House made nutella, cara cara oranges, walnut, maple essence 5.95

Add to your toast experience… cheese 2  |  farm egg 2.25  |  no-nitrate bacon 3


Tahini Yam Cake Yam & sweet potato sautéed local farm greens, vegan pesto, tomato chermoula, topped w/shredded veg & cucumber raita 16   V. Veg. GF
Organic Chicken- Chicken breast, roasted yam & sweet potatoes, local farm veg, sauteed local greens, tomato chermoula 16 Paleo. GF
Paleo Bowl- Grass fed beef burger, braised pork, over easy farm egg, roasted yam & sweet potatoes, local farm veg, sauteed local greens, tomato chermoula, 20 Paleo. GF | add pork 4
We work hard to define the taste profile of each plate. We politely decline modifications
E.A.T is NOT a nut free environment!
E.A.T forages seasonal ingredients from Small Batch Artisan Producers, California’s best farms, ranches, fisherman, wines and craft beers.  Organic, sustainable, ethical and responsible sourcing is at the heart of all our menus. Help us keep small business thriving, VOTE with your fork