Roast House - Working Elf's Blend
Full Name: Sven Henrik Johansen
Birthplace: Tromsø, Norway
Age: 63
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Favorite Song: Working Man’s Blues by Merle Haggard

Sven is the third generation of Johansens to work at the North Pole. He's been assisting Santa for the past 42 years— primarily with woodworking, but he’s been known to “flex” as needed into duties elsewhere in the workshop, and even drove the sleigh one year when Santa had an excruciating migraine. An expert joiner, Sven takes pride in the smallest details of his work. If you see an especially well-crafted piece of wood work with perfectly matched angles and smooth edges, it likely came from his hands. The finest wooden train sets are the work of Sven — look for the “SHJ” emboss.

For the past 20 years, Sven’s son, Gunnar, has worked alongside him. He spent 10 years in a long and grueling apprenticeship, learning his father’s craft. With the advent of new materials and digital equipment, Gunnar shifted his focus to plastics. Despite Sven’s resistance, Gunnar intends to bring the family into the modern era of toy production, and has purchased a cutting edge 3-D printer to realized his dreams.

After working 365 days a year for over four decades, Sven, at the urging of Gunnar, finally opted, a couple years back, to take an annual vacation between Christmas and New Year’s. That week, and that week alone, you’ll find him on the sunny beaches of Sayulita, Mexico. He’s the guy with the rocks margarita and the stocking hat.