Harvest 2U Customer Pledge

•    I understand that Harvest 2U donates a percentage of the Harvests and/or proceeds to its Community Partners and that by joining Harvest 2U and selecting one of the Community Partners, my purchase helps to bring goodness to our community…because goodness matters.
•    By joining Harvest 2U Community Supported Agriculture I understand that I am making a commitment for a minimum of a 2 Personal Harvests (weekly or bi-weekly). I understand that, unless cancelled by me, Harvest 2U will continue providing me Harvests of my selected size at my selected frequency and that my account will be billed accordingly.
•    I understand that Harvest 2U requires 30 days notice for cancellation.
•    I understand that I am making a pre-payment of two Harvests at a time.
•    I understand there are no refunds.
•    I understand that my checking account or credit card will be billed each time my Harvest Account reaches a zero balance (after each two Harvests received) until I cancel my Harvest with Harvest 2U.
•    I understand that if I am unable to pick up/receive my Harvest, I may assign someone else to pick it up or receive it for me.
•    I understand that due to environmental influences, the varieties and quantities of produce that I receive in my Harvest is seasonal and cannot be changed upon request.
•    I understand that Harvest 2U will not be held responsible for any undelivered produce occurring from natural disasters, catastrophes or uncontrollable events.
•    I understand that I am expected to return my empty Harvest container(s) for their reuse/recycling.
•    I understand that I will be notified of any delivery cancellations prior to pick-up time.
•    I understand that if I do not receive a delivery cancellation notice, delivery or pickup will be as usual.
•    I understand that Harvest 2U is not responsible for Harvests left at pick up sites or delivery locations.
•    I understand that Harvest 2U will schedule my delivery times based on the most efficient route and customer locations.

I understand and agree to the Harvest2u Customer Pledge above