SIP BAR.. Pour-over, French Press, Premium-organic Espresso

Pour over coffee Latte Your choice of milk
House-made coconut milk| House-made almond milk| Half & Half | 1% milk | Organic Whole 12oz. 3.95 | 16oz. 5.95

Cold brew with your choice of milk
Made with “Ride the Edge” Mexican, Ethiopia, & Sumatra 16oz. 3.95 | 20oz. 4.95

Farm to Cup Premium Organic Coffee Selection: 12oz. 2.95 | 16oz. 3.65

F-BOMB: Mellow hints of chocolate & cherry
Guatemalan: Smooth hints of maple & chocolate
Italian: Bold, Earthy aroma
Café de Americas: Soft mellow hints of cocoa
Swiss Water Processed Decaf

Fresh Brewed Teas

Hot: 12oz. 3.25 | 16oz. 4.25 | Iced: 3.25
African Nectar, Cocoa chai, Organic Black, Peppermint, Tropical green, Berry hibiscus,White orchard

Premium Organic Espresso:

Espresso: Straight up Espresso 2.95
Espresso Con Panna: Espresso with a dollop of whipped cream (heaven) 3.95
Caffe Americano: Espresso with hot water 12oz 2.95 | 16oz 3.65
Espresso Machiato: Espresso with dollop steamed milk and foam 3.00
Cappuccino: Espresso & thick velvety foam 3.95
Café Latte: Espresso, steamed milk, foam 12oz 3.95 | 16oz 4.45
Cafe Mocha: Espresso, chocolate ganache, steamed milk, whipped cream 12oz 3.95 | 16oz 4.95
Caramel Macchiato: Espresso, caramel, steamed milk, foam, & sea salt 12oz 4.45 | 16oz 4.95
Affogato: Espresso with vanilla bean ice cream 5.95
Bullit Coffee: Grass-fed butter and coffee 3.95
| Paleo Bullit Coffee: Coconut oil, maple syrup 4.25


Flavors: $.50- house made Vanilla | Mocha | Caramel | Honey | Maple
Syrups: Lavender | Cookie Butter | Passion Fruit | Blackberry | Hazelnut | Pumpkin Spice
Milk: House made Coconut | House-made almond milk | Half & Half | 1% | Organic Whole 12oz. .55 | 16oz. .75


We work hard to define the taste profile of each plate. We politely decline modifications.

E.A.T is NOT a nut free environment!