We are proud to partner with various organizations and businesses in efforts of providing good food... (need more verbiage here) The following is a list of partners that support our cause:

Raw Food Partnerships:

1. Community Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Team (COT)  is focused on serving the needs of the less fortunate in the Temecula/Murrieta Valley. In particular, COT feeds the hungry through their partnerships with Harvest 2U and other organizations such as the Temecula Valley and Murrieta Valley Unified School Districts, The Interagency Council of Temecula and Murrieta, Boys and Girls Clubs, Safe Alternatives For Everyone (SAFE), and others. It is through these partnerships that COT is able to obtain donations and obtain referrals for people in need.

Our goal is to donate 1 Personal program option to feed the hungry for every 4 program options purchased.

When you eat – They eat.

2. Menifee Sun City Conern

We are proud to partner with Menifee Sun City Conern.

Seniors are left behind in society. Many of them become shut in as friends and family cannot support them with basic needs. Often it's just someone to talk to or have a close friend to check on them from time to time. MSCC steps in and provides needed visits and meals for those that cannot get out anymore.

Life still has challanges even when you get older. With often only the TV to provide outside support, seniors need our help. Harvest2U partners with MSCC in providing vegetables where often vegetables are just an extra expense for seniors. MSCC senior center provides a hub for distrubution of vegetables.

Menifee Sun City Conern is growing and continues to need your help. Donate or purchase a Harvest2u box. For every 4 customer boxes purchased, Harvest2u "givers gain" program donates on vegetable box back to the community.

Cooked Food Partnerships:


Prepped Food Partnerships: