Served During The Week 11am - 4pm (Monday Closed at 2pm)


Sandwich Dept.

Just Mayo- naturally dairy free, house made pickle & spiced taro chip.
Substitution of breads: GF .95 Paleo, grain-free bread 2
Mighty Wrap Portobello, confit tomato, artichoke, farm organic greens & drake goat cheese wrapped in lavash w/raw Yam hummus 10.50   Vegan Sub-organic tofu 12.50
Grigliatta Veggie Panini Roasted red pepper pesto aioli, caramelized onions, Portobello, grilled eggplant & zucchini on ciabatta roll 14   V. Veg.  add cheese 2
Scotties Brooklyn Girl- over medium farm egg, mortadella, fontina cheese & pesto aioli on grilled ciabatta 9.95
So. Cal Girl- organic farm egg, avocado, fontina cheese, pesto aioli on grilled ciabatta 8.95
Diestal Farms Roasted Turkey fontina cheese, organic farm greens & basil aioli on grilled ciabatta OR wrapped in lavash bread 10.95
Grilled Chicken Pesto fontina cheese, farm organic greens, basil aioli, grilled pretzel baguette 11.50   add avocado 2   add bacon 3
Roasted Sustainable Pork fontina cheese, shredded farm slaw & Pete’s Firehouse BBQ 12.95  add organic farm egg 2
B.L.A.H.T   E.A.T customer favorite… Bacon, farm greens, avocado, ham, turkey & basil aioli on grilled pretzel baguette 13.95 add organic farm egg 2
Kor-Ian Shaved Ribeye Beef organic prime beef, pickles, crema tossed cabbage, charred –pickled poblano, harissa aioli on grilled ciabatta 16  * GF/Paleo bread- Served Open-Faced
Crispy Pork Belly tomato bacon jam, rice-wine vinaigrette dressed cabbage, charred- pickled poblano, grilled ciabatta 14.95 add organic farm egg 2 * GF/Paleo bread- Served Open-Faced

Eat Pizza… 

house made GF crust, add 2
Vegan- Tomato, vegan pesto, organic tofu, artichoke, ribbon zucchini, avocado 12
ASB Artichoke, Spinach Spread, Fontina Cheese 12  
Caprese Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella 14  
Mario Mortadella, Bacon, Fontina Cheese, Basil Pesto, Tomato 14  
add: farm egg 2.25    organic chicken 4         

Soups & Salads

House-made Soup 4.25 cup 8.50 pint 16.95 quart
Market Salad Organic farm greens, Drake goat cheese, cranberry & spiced walnut
half 8 | full 12.95 add organic chicken $4 add bacon 3
Farmhouse Chop- Organic chicken & farm greens, avocado, tomato, egg, bacon, house ranch dressing 12
House Ceasar Organic romaine, ceasar dressing, buttery crostini, shaved parmesan 12
 Add organic chicken breast 4
Deconstructed Chicken Board- Salad greens & chevre, organic chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, artichoke, avocado, yam hummus & grilled flat bread 14


Local Avocado Toast Multi-grain bread, chopped summer tomato, olive oil drizzle, sea salt 5.95  
Summer Heirloom Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella Multi-grain bread, chopped summer tomato, olive oil drizzle, sea salt 7.95  *make it vegan, sub cashew cheese 


Summer Veg  Grilled organic tofu, summer squash, carrots, sautéed local farm greens, w/shredded veg, cherry tomato & avocado   16 V. Veg. GF
Tahini Yam Cake Yam & sweet potato sautéed local farm greens, vegan pesto, tomato chermoula, topped w/shredded veg & avocado 16   V. Veg. GF 
Organic Chicken Breast- Yam & sweet potato, sautéed local farm greens, tomato chermoula   16   GF/Paleo  add avocado 2 Paleo. GF 
Braised Pork & Crispy Belly Roasted yam & sweet potato, sautéed local farm greens, tomato chermoula  18   add avocado 2 Paleo. GF
Paleo Bowl Grass-fed burger, over easy farm egg, roasted yam & sweet potato, sautéed local farm greens, tomato chermoula 18   add avocado 2 add braised pork 4 Paleo. GF

Wee Sprouts 

Served with organic fruit 7.95
1.) Honey Banana almond butter & honey on choice of bread
2.) Sam-ich grilled cheese OR Turkey, cheese & mayo
3.) Cheesie Flat Bread
4.) Chicky Plate Sliced Organic Chicken, Sauteed Farm Greens, Ranch Or BBQ Dressing 
Veg- vegetarian | V.- vegan | GF- gluten-free | Paleo- grain, dairy free 
We work hard to define the taste profile of each plate. We politely decline all modifications E.A.T is NOT a nut free environment!