E.A.T forages seasonal ingredients from Small Batch Artisan Producers and California’s best farms, ranches and fisherman (this includes beverages, wines and craft beers)! Most ingredients are Organic and GMO free- Sustainable, ethical and responsible sourcing is the forefront of all we do. Help us keep small business thriving, VOTE with your fork or glass!

Served Mon 8 -11 AM & Tues - Fri 7-11 AM

Morning Pastries & House Baked Goods

(Please see display at the SIP Bar & Top Deli Case for Selection)
one: Grain-free granola, acai, and chia bowl with fruit - 1/2 Bowl: $5.50 or Whole Bowl: $9.95
two: Hot oats, maple syrup $4.95
three: Mean morning grits, bacon, pecorino $7.50


Local Avocado Toast Multi-grain bread, chopped summer tomato, olive oil drizzle, sea salt 5.95
Pesto Scramble Toast 2 Farm eggs scrambled, basil pesto, multi-grain, chopped summer tomato & EAT herbs 6.95  
Summer Heirloom Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella Multi-grain bread, chopped summer tomato, olive oil drizzle, sea salt 7.95  *make it vegan, sub cashew cheese
Add to your toast experience… cheese 1  avocado 2   farm egg 2.25   no-nitrate bacon 3

Sweeter Side…

Seasonal Frenchie decadent baked French toast 12   half order 7.95
Acia, Chia Pudding OR Grain-free Granola withseasonal fruit & choice of milk
Cup 4.95   Bowl 9.95

Scotties Breakfast Sammies… served with breakfast salad

Brooklyn Girl   Organic farm egg-over medium, mortadella, fontina cheese, basil aioli on grilled ciabatta 9.95   add avocado 2
So. Cal Girl   Organic farm egg-over medium, avocado & fontina cheese, basil aioli on grilled ciabatta 9.95   add bacon 3
Paleo Girl Organic farm egg-over medium, mortadella, avocado, basil aioli on grilled      Paleo “Real Bread” 11.95   add bacon 3

Breakfast Goods & a’la Carte Items

GF toast 2.50 * Paleo Toast 3.50 * Multi Grain or Cibatta Toast 1.95 * Organic fruit cup 4
Organic Maple Syrup 1.50 * Bacon (3 slices) 3.95 * Breakfast Potatoes 4 * Avocado 2
Eggs 2.25 each pasture raised eggs are from locals.. Solidarity &/or Gone Straw Farms
* Oatmeal, house almond mylk, fruit 6.95

EAT So. Cal Burrito

A.T Original Scrambled Eggs, queso, breakfast potato, crema, avocado & salsa on organic spinach-flour tortilla 8.95 add braised pork 4   add bacon 3 
Vegan Scrambled plant based chorizo, black bean puree, sweet potato, yam, Veggies, cashew cheese, avocado, salsa on organic kale tortilla 12 
Huevos Rancheros Scrambled Eggs, turkey chorizo, queso, black bean puree, breakfast potato, crema, avocado, salsa on organic spinach-flour tortilla 12
      add braised pork 4   add bacon 3


Pour-over, French Press, Premium-organic Espresso 
Pour over coffee Latte with your choice of milk
Coconut milk| Almond milk| Half & Half | 1% Milk
12oz. 3.95 | 16oz. 5.95
Cold brew with your choice of milk
Made with “Ride the Edge” Mexican, Ethiopia, & Sumatra
16oz. 3.95 | 20oz. 4.95
Farm to Cup Premium Organic Coffee Selection:
12oz. 2.95 | 16oz. 3.65
F-BOMB: Mellow hints of chocolate & cherry
Guatemalan: Smooth hints of maple & chocolate
Italian: Bold, Earthy aroma
Café de Americas: Soft mellow hints of cocoa
Swiss Water Processed Decaf
Fresh Brewed Teas:   
 12oz. 3.25 | 16oz. 4.25    
African Nectar, Cocoa chai, Organic Black, Peppermint, Tropical green, Berry hibiscus.
Premium Organic Espresso:
Espresso: Straight up Espresso
Espresso Con Panna: Espresso with a dollop of whipped cream (heaven)
Caffe Americano: Espresso with hot water
Espresso Machiato: Espresso with dollop steamed milk and foam
Cappuccino: Espresso & thick velvety foam
Café Latte: Espresso, steamed milk, foam
Café Mocha: Espresso, chocolate ganache, steamed milk, whipped cream
Caramel Macchiato: Espresso, caramel, steamed milk, foam, & sea salt
Affogato: Espresso with vanilla bean ice cream
Flavors: .50- house made Vanilla, Mocha, or Caramel
Milk: House made Coconut & Almond milk
12oz. .50| 16oz. .75
We work hard to define the taste profile of each plate. We politely decline all modifications E.A.T. is NOT a nut free environment!


  • Assorted Galettes $3.95
  • Cookie of the Day $1.95
  • Cobbler of the Day $5.95
  • Macarons: $3.00 each
  • Paleo Banana Bread $4.25
  • Paleo Brownies $4.25
  • Paleo Cookies $2.25
  • Vegan Donuts $2.95 | 1 dozen $33.00
  • Bacon Maple Donuts $3.50
  • Cake of the Day $6.95
Inquire about custom baking...