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Food for everyone.

we support Carnivores, Vegetarians, Vegan, GF, Paleo! Artisan Eatery with Locally Inspired Cuisines!

Quality Meats

Beef is Grass-fed from Eel River- Northern California. Pork is from Beelers,. Poultry is from Smart Chicken & 100% GMO FREE! Sandwich meats are from Diestal Ranch & Nimans.

Locally Grown

We believe in clean, sustainable and locally driven foods, that are hyper fresh & nutrient dense. Supporting our local economy is very important to us, we strike a balance with foraging from small farms, ranches and artisans – from around the US.

Sage Mountain Farms- owned and operated by Phil and Juany Noble out of Anza, Ca. We’ve been working with the Nobles since 2006. My daughter was 4 back then and has grown up knowing this family. I Love that!  They grow organic produce of all kinds and raise grass-fed  cattle. 

Ecoculture Farms- Cory Shallow started a farm on his parents property in the heart of wine country.  It’s roughly 6 acres of regenerative – permaculture growing.  He has fruit trees, grow crops, vines and has animals all in this small microcosmic space.  All these different species work together to regenerating the soil!  We source chicken parts for collagen-rich bone broths that me make beautiful herbs and produce!

Solidarity Farm- Ellie and her family are such lovely humans. They’ve been growing in North San Diego county for nearly a decade now. We sometimes source eggs, gorgeous strawberries and produce.

Mraz Family Farms- Healthy, sustainable growers of Avocados… and bitch’n humans

Goodness Grown – New to our family. Mushroom growers out of DeLuz, California. The most beautiful pink oyster mushrooms you’ve every had! 

Great People + Clean Food. Winning Combination.

Meet The Chef

Leah Di Bernardo

The roots of the EAT story are entrenched in childhood memories of gathering around the table, connecting & sharing good food. Scratch cooking with ingredients that are not doused in chemicals, utilizing animal proteins that are clean, hormone & antibiotic free- as well as being raised in a CARING and ETHICAL environment.

Food is not cheap- nor do we believe it should be valued as such. From those that grow, pick, deliver, prep, cook to the valuable humans who wash up after all of us. A fair & livable wage is worth the price of what we assess on a plate of food. We value you – our guests, our team, vendors, regenerative farmers and the right to VOTE with our fork. Having the opportunity to make powerful buying decisions- by supporting the families we do, is at the heart of our mission.