Organic Local Faire… 4th, September

Tuesday’s Specials.. Happy Post Holiday Gang!  

STORE HOURS CHANGE TOMORROW- Wednesday 5th, September.  Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm  & Saturdays 8am-4pm

Kids back in school, September is here… and fall is right around the corner.  With the end of summer close by, we’ve already seen a big change with what is being grown at our local farms.  Tomatoes are still flourishing from the heat, but its too hot for many of our farmers to grow lettuce and kale.  Speciality   squash, yellow beets  and gorgeous green beans are on the menu this week, along with eggplant.  Funny, can’t quite get sick of eggplant!



Organic heirloom Carrot Soup $4 cup  |  $6.95 bowl

Eggplant Parmesan, on grilled ciabatta bread with organic greens $12

Sides:  Roasted Beets w/cotija &cilantro  |    Green bean and goat cheese   |  Wheatberry, cucumber, cherry tomato & feta  |    Inca Quinoa w/black bean, hominy, peppers and squash  |  Kale salad  |   sm.  $4  med. $8  Lg. $12


Weeks Menu

LOCALLY GROWN Menu September 2012


Farms + Ranches on this week’s menu –  Moonrise Farms, Liberty Acers, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Ranchez de Sanchez,  Terra Bella, and Drake Family Goat Cheese…. All Local, All Good All Clean & Fair!


SOUP…  Check THE DAILY Board!   $6.95 bowl/ $4.95 cup/  Add Sadie Rose Bread $1

ARTISAN SANDWICHES   Gluten Free Bread available

Summer Veg- Check THE DAILY Board!

Roast Turkey BLT with Fontina Cheese $10

BBQ Chick Wrap-  with Moonrise Farm Organic Yellow Peppers & Spinach $8.95

NYC- Aged Italian Salami, Roasted Ham, Mortadella, Tomato & Fontina Cheese $9.50

Scottie’s Brooklyn Girl- Fried Egg, Mortadella, Fontina Cheese, Pesto Aioli on Grilled Ciabatta $9.50

Roasted Turkey-  Basil Pesto, Fontina Cheese Summer Tomato & Greens on Pressed Ciabatta $8.50

Little of This/Little of That-  Half sandwich of your choice w/Market salad or cup of daily soup $6.95

Upgrade to choice of Artisan Side $1 |  Upgrade to daily special sand $1.95



Grilled Chicken Salad + Avocado Dressing = Fresh!

Grilled Chicken Breast over mixed greens, shredded cucumber, carrot & celery, sliced almonds, local organic orange wedges.  Tossed in house made avocado dressing $7.50 half/  $14 whole

Market Salad

Organic Greens, Cranberry, Gorgonzola & Spiced Pecans  $4.95 half / $9.95 full /  add chicken $2.50


Chopped Cobb Salad   Organic Greens, Farm Egg, Almonds, Tomato, Bacon, Chicken    $6.95 half $12 full  / add avocado $1.50

FLAT BREADS  Served w/Market Salad.  Can be ordered Gluten Free

  • Roasted butternut squash w/Drake Family goat cheese $12
  • Straight up cheese $8 | Add pesto $.95  |  Add sundried tomato $1
  • Mario’s Flat Bread- Basil pesto, mortadella, salami, bacon, fontina cheese, tomato $14
  • BBQ Chicken, Organic red onion, gruyere cheese & cilantro  $12



Assorted Cakes & Tarts $4

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.50     Chocolate Chunk Cookies $2

Housemade Chocolate Ganache Brownie $3  |  Lemon Bars $3  |  S’mores $3

Gluten Free Cupcakes & Muffins $3.50  |  Vegan Hoho’s $3.50

Assorted Macaroons $2- $2.50     Assorted Cupcakes $3

Check THE DAILY Board for Further Crafty Treats!


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